Portrait XO premieres new single from AI album


Experimental pop musician Portrait XO has self-released ‘AIV1’, the first single off her upcoming AI album ‘WIRE’; a co-creation between the artist and her AI second self.

In collaboration with neural synthesis expert CJ Carr (DADABOTS), one hour of her vocals were fed into a neural network that generated ten hours of new audio. The polyrhythmic beats exemplify the glitchy sounds of her voice. The result is ‘WIRE’, set for release in 2020.

Watch the music video for ‘AIV1’ by Portrait XO:

The visual journey of ‘AIV1’ is a nonsensical conversation between human and AI. The swirled sonic object is a representation of the AI voice, designed by CGI artist Harriet Davey. The morphing cube depicts her face morphing into AI-superimposed faces. 3D landscapes by Camila Roriz translate sonic textures.