New genres available in Loudly AI Studio


Loudly Patrons have voted for the next genre to be made available on Loudly AI Studio.

As part of the Patreon PRO tier reward package, Patrons (subscribers) are able to influence and control the future of the AI Music Studio by voting on new features and concepts.

Monthly polls help to guide roadmap decisions, Mix Pack updates and topics for video tutorials.

This month's poll result will see 1000s of Trap loops made available across multiple Mix Packs, featuring dozens of instruments and FX. Users of Loudly AI Studio will be able to incorporate the loops into their compositions, export in MP3/WAV, and enjoy improved design flow within the Android app.

The next Patreon poll is due to take place on September 23rd.

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A full desktop and mobile Loudly AI Studio application is slated for release in 2021, developed in collaboration with Loudly's Patrons and community.

Follow this link to download the update to the app and enjoy these new features: https://bit.ly/LoudlyAIStudio