SXSW host virtual 'Music AI' panel


Virtual Panel Discussion: The Role of Humans in Music AI.

Loudly's AI music panel is being hosted online by SXSW. During the panel conversation, PR expert Jade Prieboy, musician Jovanka Von Wilsdorf, former Major Lazer member Jillionaire and Loudly CEO Rory Kenny discuss the rise of Artificial Intelligence in the field of music creation.

Originally due to take place at the Austin Convention centre on March 19th, the SXSW festival was cancelled due to COVID-19. You can watch the analysis here, on Loudly's YouTube channel:

Loudly's AI Music website was recently launched featuring artificially generated remixes of Dillion Francis, MØ, and Becky G.

One of the deepest fears surrounding the rise of Artificial Intelligence in the field of music creation is that the inevitable outcome is the removal of human contribution from the equation. This rightly sparks outrage amongst fans and creators alike who fear that the very essence of music is at stake. In parallel, the technologists tread carefully around these controversial outcomes while diligently pursuing the advancement of AI’s capabilities… so the clock keeps ticking. Despite these justifiable misgivings, the role of humans in Music AI should not be underestimated. It can be argued that humans will potentially play a central role in the future of Music AI, and that it will manifest itself in 3 ways: as teacher, collaborator and judge.

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