Björk to host three Orkestral performances in Iceland


Björk will be performing 3 special matinee performances in association with Iceland Airwaves, which will be live-streamed online and raise money for domestic women’s charities worldwide.

The performances will act as a celebration of the Icelandic musicians that Björk has worked with over the years, with each concert finding the artist collaborate with over 100 Icelandic musicians, across three groups that have played a part within the creation of her discography. Each concert will have different songs, Björk’s instrumental arrangements played by members of the Icelandic Symphony Orchestra, flute septet Viibra, Hamrahlíð Choir, and special guests without electronics or beats. The concerts will also be raising money and awareness for Kvennaathvarfið – a charity that supports women and immigrants of different origin within Iceland.

Bjork quote: “dear friends, I would like to invite you to some concerts to honour folks who got hit hardest by coronavirus and the Black Lives Matter movement.”

The venue, Harpa Hall, is the home of the Iceland Symphony Orchestra and Icelandic Opera. The building features a distinctive coloured glass facade from designer Ólafur Elíasson, inspired by the basalt landscape of Iceland.

More information about the performances can be found here.

Bjork concert 1