Loudly AI Studio add new features


Loudly have this week launched a range of exciting new features within Loudly AI Music Studio.

Co-founder Rory Kenny revealed several new options for users of the collaborative AI-led music platform, including WAV and MP3 export functionality, as well as updates to the UX design.

A beta version of Loudly AI Studio has been exclusively available on Android via Patreon since mid-August. 

Kenny announced on Loudly’s Patreon feed, “the app you are using today is nothing like what it’s going to look like in a couple of months. We’re working hard to improve the flow and optimise how you experience AI music.” 

“There will be weekly incremental changes to the beta app, while creatives can now immediately export their AI tracks as high quality audio files and make use of a new ‘Variation’ feature.”

Kenny’s statement continues, “Based on huge demand, we have integrated MP3 and WAV formats for Loudly PRO tier Patrons. This is a real game changer, while our new Variation function unleashes the power of AI to enable not just one composition based on your inputs - but many. This is the first step we’re taking to enable you to hear multiple variations of AI compositions on your original selection of audio loops.”

A full desktop and mobile Loudly AI Studio application is slated for release in 2021, developed in collaboration with Loudly's Patrons and community.

Follow this link to download the update to the app and enjoy these new features: https://bit.ly/LoudlyAIStudio