Loudly releases AI Music manifesto


Loudly will launch the world's first collaborative AI music application on Android this August.

Loudly co-founders Rory Kenny and Gabriel Hacker have released a manifesto outlining their mission to develop a collaborative AI music studio. The application will be available exclusively via a Patreon, and co-created together with the global music community.

CEO Kenny said in a statement, "We recognize that fusing artificial intelligence with music comes with great responsibility. We want to ensure that whatever tools and services we pursue are developed in a manner that truly benefits music creators. Therefore, we fully commit to acting as an agent for positive change and responsible evolution."

Kenny continued, "In 2021 we want to launch a public version of our AI Music Studio across both desktop and mobile. With Loudly's global community expanding everyday, we are united in our mission to develop an incredible AI powered music platform which will one day benefit millions of music creators."

Read the Loudly AI manifesto below:

AI Manifesto

Listen to Loudly's AI remixes of Dillon Francis and Becky G here.