Isolation inspiration


Making The Most Of Lockdown

We've got four studio tips to help you keep working on your music during isolation. A little bit of alone time never hurt anyone, right?

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Always putting off that spring cleaning of your file library? Use this time to prepare, tag, and even delete. Tidy workflows make for a clear mind, enabling you to be more creative.

Collaborate Online

Replace real world production partners with new friends. Share stems, ideas, tips and tricks with like-minded producers you find in forums, app communities and blogs.

Make A Sample Pack

This can be looped back to point one (collaboration), or you might even look to sell your packs online in order to replace some lost lockdown income. Experiment with pack genre and purpose, and don’t forget to name your files correctly.


What better time to read up on experimental recording techniques, explore new sounds, or seek out the best value headphones? Arm yourself with knowledge. Lockdown won't last forever.

mixing desk by Alexey Ruban

Photos by Bruno Araujo, Alexey Ruban